My Thoughts On My Freshman Year of College

Hey y’all,

So it is just about that time of year where school ends and summer begins (cue fanfare!) College has been a complete whirlwind of fun and stress and I just wanted to share my experience with y’all, especially you poor way-over-stressed high school seniors. I swear it gets better. I’m not really sure the best way to go about this, so if it s all over the place I apologize.

College is stressful. Don’t kid yourself. It is. You know it is. Especially as a nursing student. (I tell people that I’m in the school of nursing but my major is suicide…sad, but true.)  Continue reading



So I don’t usually jump on the popular hashtag train but I thought this would be a cool post to do. If you don’t know a couple of days ago was International Women’s Day and some of the well known Youtubers decided to take advantage of the day and make a video talking to their past self. I’m going to write a letter to not only my past self, but my future self.

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