My Current Knitting Project- A Washcloth

Usually I do larger projects, but this time I wanted to something simple. Mindless. The stress of life has really been getting to me so I thought I should do something that just calms me. I also wanted to try continental style knitting. I started out as an English knitting (knitting with the working yarn in the right hand,) but I’ve heard that Continental knitting (knitting with the working yarn in the left hand) will make you faster. So why not try?

The knitting pattern (like most of my knitting patterns) I found on Pinterest.

I’m really loving knitting this washcloth. It’s so easy. It only took me two days to knit (and I’m a slow knitter.) The yarn I used was on sale at Michael’s. It was one of their one pound bags so I’m sorry but I haven’t a clue what the brand is. The color is super pretty and I’m just a big fan. I used some plastic size ten needles.

Here are some pics of it in progress.




File Apr 03, 3 16 40 PMFile Apr 06, 5 51 59 PMFile Apr 08, 9 40 52 AM


I apologize for my  terrible picture taking skills.

What do you think?