Breakups Suck

Hey y’all,

Normally I wouldn’t post about my personal life, but this is a special occasion. Today would have been our three year anniversary. I know that sadly everyone suffers from PTBD (post-traumatic breakup disorder.) I wanted to share my experience, some tips, and how I got through it. ┬áSo far at age 19 I have only dated one guy, which I am completely okay with. He and I started out as friends in high school. Our dating relationship started out a little complicated. Essentially he asked me what I would think about if we started dating, and I said that I would like that. The next day he asked out another girl. They didn’t date for very long, but I stayed friends with him through it even though his previous friends didn’t. Anyways they broke up, and the next day he asked me out. I had been waiting for so long that I was so incredibly excited. I really liked this guy. We got along well. We had similar goals. Our families got along. He was a gentleman, not to mention cute. (Don’t worry I’m gagging as I say this.) We started off our relationship with marriage as our goal (let me know if you want a post about that!) and of course, planner that I am, this was something I was planning from start until end.

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