How I Became A CNA And Why You Should Too

Hey y’all,

Long time no talk! It’s always something over at my house that is keeping me busy. But I’m finally sitting down to write a couple of posts.

Nursing school is a big decision. I didn’t know that I was called to be a nurse until half way through my senior year. I’d been looking at schools with more liberal arts focus, so deciding to go to a nursing school meant I had to look for new schools. It was a big deal for me. I’m sure if you are applying/going to nursing school you will understand this struggle. Continue reading


Breakups Suck

Hey y’all,

Normally I wouldn’t post about my personal life, but this is a special occasion. Today would have been our three year anniversary. I know that sadly everyone suffers from PTBD (post-traumatic breakup disorder.) I wanted to share my experience, some tips, and how I got through it.  So far at age 19 I have only dated one guy, which I am completely okay with. He and I started out as friends in high school. Our dating relationship started out a little complicated. Essentially he asked me what I would think about if we started dating, and I said that I would like that. The next day he asked out another girl. They didn’t date for very long, but I stayed friends with him through it even though his previous friends didn’t. Anyways they broke up, and the next day he asked me out. I had been waiting for so long that I was so incredibly excited. I really liked this guy. We got along well. We had similar goals. Our families got along. He was a gentleman, not to mention cute. (Don’t worry I’m gagging as I say this.) We started off our relationship with marriage as our goal (let me know if you want a post about that!) and of course, planner that I am, this was something I was planning from start until end.

Continue reading

My Unexpected Absence

Hey y’all,

My deepest apologies for disappearing again. I’ve started working again as a CNA 7 days a week (over 40 hours!) So when I get home I’m literally exhausted and don’t want to move. I promise I am going to work on getting some posts up this weekend and hopefully I’ll do a little better with planning. Any particular posts you want? May Favorites? Knitting? Baking? Life in general? Scrub haul? Bathing suit haul? What would you like?  Continue reading