Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation Review

Hey y’all,

How are ya doin’? Did ya have a nice weekend? I have the utmost pleasure of sharing my thoughts on the “new” covergirl foundation Ready Set Gorgeous. So lets go over the 4 P’s.


It come in a tube with pink stripes on it. Although it does not have a pump, I really love this packaging. You can squeeze out just the right amount for your face. Boo yah!


It’s drugstore  guys. Be real. It’s only $7.99 at Ulta, which if we are going to be totally real that’s pretty cheap for foundation on the drugstore side.


I really love this foundation. It is for sure in my top three. It gives great coverage. It dries to a powder finish without being totally matte. What makes this foundation special is the finish. It just makes you look airbrushed. It doesn’t cling to dry patches or linger in the cracks/crevices of your face and covers all your imperfections. The two things that I don’t love about this foundation is that it can transfer quite a bit if you aren’t careful and it doesn’t have the widest variety of shades. I have the lightest shade and it is still a little dark for me, but not enough to make it look like a mask. Once the foundation mixes with my face it looks perfect.  I’m really not sure as to the longevity. If I use a primer it lasts longer and if I don’t touch my face a ton (yeah, bad habit) that helps a ton. If I do all my normal steps it will last me from 6-8 hours.


File Jun 18, 11 58 41 AM

The packaging

File Jun 18, 12 00 26 PM

I normally use my ELF Powder Blush to apply. I just stipple it all over my face.

File Jun 18, 12 02 03 PM

It has a very liquidy consistency. But in a good way 🙂

File Jun 18, 12 04 11 PM

Left: Foundation on Right: Naked face. Ignore the bandage that is from my burn.

File Jun 18, 12 06 16 PM

Here is my full face covered with the foundation. Miraculous right? Sorry the picture is blurry. Idk what is happening with my camera.

File Jun 18, 12 10 10 PM

My full face of makeup. Can’t help the duck face.

What are your favorite foundations? Lemme know if you try this one!




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