What is in my Shower?

Hey y’all,

Alright. Time to share what I’ve got in my shower.

File Jun 17, 10 07 34 PM

I was using another sulfate free shampoo but I got some dandruff so head and shoulders it is. I love the scent of this stuff. I knew that it is really drying so I got one of my favorite deeeeep conditioners 🙂 This stuff is the bomb diggity. I also use the Caress Body Wash is pretty good with a loofa (seriously, if you don’t own one, get thee to a drugstore! It saves so much soap and exfoliates your skin at the same time. What more do you want?) No complaints. I also have a wonderful knock off tangle teezer. This stuff has saved my curly crazy hair!

I use baby oil gel to shave and usually use the cheapest Venus razors at the store. However, I just tried sugaring…yeah long story short haven’t made it correctly yet and I burned myself pretty bad with it so….gonna wait a little bit.

What’s in your shower? (Lol I sound like I’m from that credit card commercial.)



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