My Unexpected Absence

Hey y’all,

My deepest apologies for disappearing again. I’ve started working again as a CNA 7 days a week (over 40 hours!) So when I get home I’m literally exhausted and don’t want to move. I promise I am going to work on getting some posts up this weekend and hopefully I’ll do a little better with planning. Any particular posts you want? May Favorites? Knitting? Baking? Life in general? Scrub haul? Bathing suit haul? What would you like? 

I’m going to start going to Zumba classes and I got this great deal on Groupon for this all girls gym so I’m hoping to get tons of exercise in. It just helps to keep my stress level down and I’ll get some me time.

I have really missed you guys this week so I promise to get back on the horse and actually write posts. How is everyone? How were your weeks? Busy? Relaxing? Tell me all about it….okay not all about it. Got to be internet safe people!

I’m trying to set up my blog with Bloglovin’ just an FYI. I’ll keep you posted (teehee) on that. Also I’m thinking of setting up an email just for my wonderful followers. What do you think?

Thanks for everything,



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