What makes my blood boil

Hi y’all,

So this story is blowing up all over the web and I really just had to share. As you will come to find out, I am a big supporter of patient autonomy (just means that patients have the right to choose care and the right to have all the facts.) More specifically, I am really fascinated by women’s health, natural birth, the whole kit and caboodle. If y’all are interested I’d love to share my knowledge on it all. This article is the perfect way to kick that off.  The more I read about this story the more upset I get. What are your thoughts?

WARNING! The stuff they talk about is super graphic and the video itself is traumatizing.


Why this doctor deserves to be sued:

1) THE PATIENT SAID NO! That reason in and of itself is enough. Patient’s have rights (as I’m learning in nursing school 🙂 A patient is allowed to refuse treatment no matter what. (even if it means their own life or death)

2) The doctor did not wait for the baby at all. He was there for maybe 5 minutes before he cut that woman.

3) She had specific instructions that she not only did not what an episiotomy but she also needed special care because she was a victim of sexual assault. She suffered a lot of emotional trauma and that doctor brought it back.

4) There was no reason for the episiotomy. The baby was 6lbs. Women, in their marvelous existence, have the power to push out babies that are 8lbs and bigger. They have the power to push out twins. The mother was so close to getting the baby out. She just needed some more time for her body to stretch. This woman was not given the chance to push her baby at and because of that she is now suffering immense pain. I feel for her and I hope that she has a swift recovery.

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