My First Encounter

So to kick off my blog I wanted to tell a little story. The first time I wore makeup…okay not exactly the first time. When I was little I used to dance so of course I wore makeup on stage, but that doesn’t count. I first started wearing makeup at the age of 12. I had just started to break out and my mom wanted tostart me on something simple.

So we went to the nearest Ulta and had one of the nice ladies there give me some recommendations. She said it would be best to start me with Bare Minerals foundation. My mother did not know a ton about makeup, so she bought it and that was how I started to fall in love with makeup. There was something about putting on makeup that made me feel like a princess. Ever since that day I have been totally in love with makeup. I always look for the best and the newest of what is out there. However, one thing has changed. I dabble more on the drugstore side of makeup than in the high end. I think it is a little ridiculous to spend $20 on a lipstick when you can buy two, three, or even four different products at the drugstore for the same amount. I don’t think that every girl needs makeup or should even wear it everyday, but I see that makeup can transform people. To me, makeup helps to emulate the way I feel inside. Not to sound cheesy, but it is my outlet to “express” myself. I’ve really grown to love makeup. Granted I don’t wear it everyday, but I feel put together and get to be a different version of myself with a little lipstick and some mascara.

Why do you love makeup and do you remember your first time?



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