So I don’t usually jump on the popular hashtag train but I thought this would be a cool post to do. If you don’t know a couple of days ago was International Women’s Day and some of the well known Youtubers decided to take advantage of the day and make a video talking to their past self. I’m going to write a letter to not only my past self, but my future self.

Dear Past Daisy,

You are an amazing girl. You love to say hi to people and smile and make people’s day. Don’t lose that. It is something special and unique. The world is going to try and take away that smile, but just remember that you don’t smile for yourself you smile for others. Mistakes are going to be in plenty, but so are opportunities to fix them. You’ve got this. Your dreams may not be the ones you end up following. You have lots of things you love, the one you pursue forever will be the best of them all. Don’t worry! Stop stressing! Grades arenot everything!!!!!! Go you for being focused, but getting a B is not a bad thing. Keep working hard and don’t forget to have fun! Boys…where do I start with them? Here’s a tip. Just don’t. Wait, figure yourself out first and the right guy will find his way to you eventually. All will be revealed at the perfect moment. Remember when you start making plans, God laughs. Lots of things are going to be thrown your way, just remember their is a light at the end of the tunnel. Make sureto look for the positives in your day. I know it is hard and you don’t understand, but it gets better. Promise. You are beautiful. Always remember that.


Yourself silly!

Dear Future Daisy,

Oh boy. How are you doing? This is so cool. Writing to my future self. Thank you internet! Thanks future Daisy for staying strong and making it to where you are now. Look around and see all that has been played out before you. Remember that you are beautiful and you are special. Don’t let the actions of other bring you down. You are you, not them. Don’t forget your family. They love you. No matter how crazy they can be. Make sure to make time to go out and see the world and if you already have remember what it taught you. Again, boys, just wait sister. Patience is a virtue. 😛 Don’t be afraid to go out there and try new things. Don’t get too comfortable doing what you are used to. Taking risks can be fun…just also be careful. Smile lines are the best wrinkles to have my dear.

Stay strong future me,

Seriously? Who do you think it is? 😛


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